located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Come work and vacation at the same time!


Twenty20Sound is located just 10 minutes south of the Kona airport below Costco on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. We offer post production sound encompassing: dialogue editorial, sound design, ADR, VO, Foley, and re-recording. We also offer record production from start to finish as well as composing for film, TV, and many other multimedia applications. Twenty20Sound has a JBL LSR4300 5.1 and separate 2.1 system installed in a treated dubbing stage. We have fiber optic through Sohonet along with Source-Connect Pro 3.9, Source-Connect Now and Source-Live for high-speed connection to facilities around the world.


Post Production Sound

Sound Editorial & Design

We’ll assemble and edit your production sound to picture. With world class sound libraries and attention to detail, we’ll enhance your project through editing and creation of sound effects, backgrounds and other textures, adding sonic realism and professionalism to your project.


Automatic Dialogue Replacement is an essential need for picture. We can prep and accommodate ADR sessions for your project here in Hawaii or elsewhere if needed. We have fiber optic through Sohonet and we are currently using Starleaf (Telepresence system) for private video conferencing as well as Source-Connect Pro 3.9 and Source-Live for performing realtime remote recording sessions around the world.


We have access to professional foley stages and walkers in L.A. We can facilitate and budget all your foley needs through Twenty20Sound.


We have a state of the art sound treated 5.1 mixing stage for mixing film and TV. Powered by Pro Tools 12.8.1 HDX2 (with cloud collaboration) with an Artist Control surface and mixing desk. There is also a 2.1 system for referencing fold down and mixing records. The stage can be booked with our mixing engineer.

Composing, Producing

About the Owner

Owner and composer Dave Goetter offers original composition for film, television, video games, apps, records and any other form of media that needs a unique musical touch. Whether it’s a simple arrangement or as complex as a full orchestral composition, Dave brings his unique and creative sound to projects. Dave is known for cutting edge composition, mixing and the use of technology for speed and efficiency.

Dave started out in the industry as a guitarist for bands and artists. He then moved into full-time sessions, recording, producing and mixing on hundreds of songs and live records. Dave was also a bandleader for artists.

In 2013 Dave and his family decided to make the move to Kona, Hawaii, and join up with a collective of content creators. The team is comprised of producers, directors, visual effects artists, DPs, actors, stunt actors, grips, techs, and many other personnel and departments that facilitate and execute the creation of multimedia. Dave spends his time working in L.A. as well as Kona.


Twenty20Sound is housed in a 14,000sqf-shared facility called Honua Studios and is part of the Global Virtual Studio (GVS) community. GVS employs an innovative model of virtual production that maximizes untapped creativity, world time-zones and economies of scale. Twenty20Sound and GVS bring cutting edge tools, relationships, experience and aloha to every project whether it’s local artists creating their passion project or collaborating and creating virtually with the other side of the world.

As well as our sound department in the facility there is a green screen studio, visual FX department, 7.1 screening room, offices, kitchen and coffee bar, restrooms, meeting rooms, and a large open reception area with tables and chairs used for eating and as a general lounge. Next door Hollywood stunt actor Adrian Hein has a full stunt facility for rehearsal and filming.

Honua Studio Tour

Dubbing Stage “The Cube”

“The Cube” is a 16’ wide x 23’ deep room with a mixing desk and comfortable seating for clients. It has been outfitted with a JBL 5.1 LSR4300 series system for surround as well as a separate JBL 2.1 LSR4300 nearfield system for mixing records and checking fold down mixes. The room has been designed not only for mixing but production as well. While Twenty20Sound has other equipment and software, below is a list of some of the equipment and software we have available specific to post sound.

Avid Pro Tools 12.8.1 (cloud collaboration)
Avid HDX2 & HD Native
Avid HD Omni
Avid Artist Control
UAD 2 Quadcore Card
Apple 12 Core Mac Pro with 128GB Ram
2 x 20” Cinema Displays
5.1 JBL LSR4300 System expandable to 7.1
2.1 JBL LSR4300 System
Epson Home Cinema 8350 Projector (1080p)
Elitescreens 120” ezFrame AcousticPro Transparent
Plugins – Waves Horizon + Restoration, WNS, Izotope RX 6 Post Production Suite 2, Soundtoys, UAD plugins, Soundcode for Dolby Digital 2, and many other plugins




For rates please contact through email or phone. Depending on certain variables, each project may be either an hourly, bid or a combination of both. We strive to provide the best scenario for each of our clients!

Phone: (808) 333-6363
Located in Honua Studios
73-4855 Kanalani Street
Kailua Kona, HI 96740

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